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Mobile Solutions

Monotype Imaging’s mobile solutions help device manufacturers, developers and carriers improve the quality of their text and the performance of their UIs.

Support for the Mobile Ecosystem
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Mobile interfaces rely on readable, functional text. Our ESQ® Mobile fonts are optimized to remain clear and legible. We offer a versatile range of Latin-based designs to support a wide variety of themes and brands. Our multilingual font collection supports all major languages. We offer East Asian font solutions that are designed to meet the unique challenges of displaying East Asian text. These OEM-ready fonts can help you speed your product to market.

Type Enhancements For Android
Type Enhancements for Android is the first all-in-one text solution for Android devices that allows OEMs, developers and designers to meet a wide range of requirements. By augmenting the Android experience through bolder, richer and more elegant type choices and the ability to deliver branded, high-quality experiences anywhere in the world, Type Enhancements for Android is an essential solution for those OEMs and developers looking to stand out from the Android crowd.

Text rendering and layout
Our embedded font technologies include text rendering and layout capabilities that are specially designed to meet the needs of memory-constrained devices. The iType® font engine is a scalable font rendering subsystem that enables high-quality multilingual text display on mobile phones and other CE devices. The WorldType® Layout Engine is a modular software library for composing, positioning and rendering multilingual text. These solutions can be ported quickly into many common mobile environments through iType Connects™ plug-ins, designed to improve resident text rendering and layout capabilities.

Our FlipFont™ application allows users to customize the look of their phone’s user interface. Users can download the font of their choice, install it easily, and switch between fonts at any time.

Contact us about how our fonts and technologies can enhance your mobile product.


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